Delivery Service

Any furniture  you purchase from us can be delivered to you and placed in your business.  All delivery fees are priced according to your location and ease of access. We gladly quote you our delivery fee before your purchase is complete.


Feel free to contact us for appraisals of your food service equipment. We will come to your business to take an inventory of your physical assets and place a value on the equipment depending on the type of evaluation you need. We can provide 3 different appraisals depending on your needs:

Replacement Cost

Used Retail Value

Immediate Liquidation Value

Our fees are based on time invested plus travel and expenses. Each appraisal is unique, so please call us for a confidential consultation and we’ll be glad to meet with you.


If you have equipment to sell or liquidate, we will be glad to meet with you and discuss the best plan for your closing and liquidation. Call or send us a list of what you have available for sale.