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Coffee & Beverage Equipment

Bunn Coffee Brewer With 3 Warmers, Used

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30″ Restaurant Booth Seats, Used

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Whether you want to BUY, SELL, LOCATE OR LIQUIDATE any food service equipment, you’ve come to the right place.


 Selling new restaurant equipment and furniture.

 Consignment selling of your good, clean, used equipment.

 Locating specific or “hard-to-find” food service equipment.

 Buying small or large lots of used food service equipment in good condition.

 Appraising food service equipment and furniture.

 Selling good, clean, dependable used restaurant equipment and furniture.

 Available for “on-site” appointments, appraisals and consultations.


is to help small business owners like you, save money. We’ve found our little niche in life and have filled it with optimistic thoughts and prayers for the success of our customers. We believe that hard work, positive thinking, fair dealing, the right treatment of people and having fun will always get desired results.

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