Ventless Fryer, Quik n Crispy, Used


  • A Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer is the affordable way to turn your foodservice operation into a full-service kitchen!
  • Simply place the food in the basket, push the menu button and serve it when the buzzer sounds!
  • All you need is a freezer to store your food and a cash register to ring up your sales!
  • There is no need for costly vented hoods, deep fat fryers, or grills!
  • Instead, pick the Quik n’ Crispy that is best suited to meet your needs.
  • The Model GF II, marketed since 1990 and selected by thousands of operators to start or                                    expand their foodservice operations.
  • Quik n Crispy offers delicious “fried” appetizers such as oven-ready Jalapeno Poppers. Cheese Sticks, French Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Wings and much more, all without the greasy mess, smell and hazards of a deep-fat fryer and vented hood system.
  • And “grill” sizzling juicy Hamburgers, Chicken Breast Fillets, Hot Links, and Hot Dogs without the expense and mess of installing a grill and grease-trap.