Heated, Holding Cabinet and Transport Carrier Box, Half-size


Metro Flavorhold, insulated, heated, holding cabinet and transport carrier, half-size; holds up to 9 steam table pans or half-sheet pans; lower bumper, side-mounted lift handles on each side; casters.

Insulated cabinet holds hot prepared foods. A closed loop thermal brake reduces heat transfer; air vent provides moisture control. The double-walled heated cabinet is Energy Star rated. Analog thermometer allows temp monitoring at any time, even when unit is not plugged in. Door opens easily & latches securely. A magnetic catch holds the door shut securely while the travel latch prevents opening while in transit. Convenient kick latch provides easy “hands-free” opening. Operating range is from 120 degrees to 180 degrees F under normal room temperature conditions. Aluminum high-strength exterior with stainless steel interior. Slide racks are spaced 2 5/8″ to accommodate pans.

This unit sells new for $1759.00