HOT TOP2 Dual Nacho Cheese Dispenser, Used


  • More options, more love.
  • Give your customers the opportunity to customize their snacks with cheese and chili, all from the same easy-to-use, no-mess dispenser.
  • Dual Hot Top 2 Dispensers are a perfect fit for medium volume operations.
  • The dispenser works perfectly when paired with ready-to-serve sauces.
  • The Dual HT2 Dispenser is a favorite for convenience stores, because of its flexibility and ease of use.
  • This dispenser uses Gehl’s Cheddar, Nacho (Jalapeno) and Chili Sauce packed in 4/80 oz. bags.  With disposable valves packed in the case, this dispenser offers simple maintenance for mid-sized operations.
  • The dispenser holds yellow cheese for up to 5 days and chili for 7 days to maximize profits and minimize waste. This dispenser takes 4-6 hours to heat the bag to a safe serving temperature of 140°F.